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862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY

We are saddened to inform you that the Scarsdale Teen Center is closed.

Incorporated in 1998 and open since 1999, the Scarsdale Teen Center (aka The Center @ 862) has ceased operations and is in the process of dissolving as a not-for-profit organization. The Board thanks the generous donors and supporters in the community who believed in its mission.  The Board also thanks the many employees who contributed to its success.  

Inquiries with respect to the former operations of the teen center can be addressed to B. Kathleen Munguia, President of the Board at 914-472-4053 or by email:

Former directors, Ellen Tiven-Moore and Brittney Coleman will continue renting the space as an event venue featuring the Escape Rooms (click here to go directly to the website)
They can be contacted at 914-722-8358 or by email: